About Us

In 1997 Ready Set Inc. charged out of the gate completely transforming the way sets are designed, built and delivered in New York City.

With an emphasis on pre-building & finishing sets in our 30,000 square foot shop, we are able to trouble shoot and make any crucial changes before delivery, saving valuable time onsite and eliminating the need for additional build days.

We provide samples of finishes and 3D production drawings to confirm every detail before and during production.  We also encourage our clients to visit and inspect jobs in progress, providing each client with a pragmatic view of the scale and specific scenic elements and affording them an opportunity to make any adjustments needed prior to delivery.

Our long standing clients know they can depend on Ready Set not only for their demanding studio photography projects, but ventures with film and video, events, retail and showroom display, fine art fabrication, gallery build outs, furniture, props and beyond.

Ready Set Inc. can handle any size job from small scale still life surfaces to large scale event build outs, and everything in between. Through our rental division we stock pre-made floors, shapes, backdrops and DIY set kits that can be transported and assembled by the client. We’ve produced a staggering array of large-scale, custom fabricated events, parties, product launches, retro-fitted shipping containers for pop-up stores, store displays and so much more. With Ready Set the possibilities are endless.

Our expert core of full time staff and huge crew of highly skilled contract staff is drawn from many fields. Our emphasis on teamwork and  expanding knowledge, techniques and experience are what sets us apart; the exceptional quality of our work is a reflection of our commitment to our culture.

After 2 decades of successful and innovative business, Ready Set Inc. continues to blaze trails and set new and higher standards the rest can only hope to follow. Ready Set Inc. continues to expand and adapt; in March of 2016 we took over an additional 15,000 square feet of shop space in a neighboring building, added another truck to our fleet and increased staff in order to keep up with the demands of the industry. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to meet the needs of an ever changing fashion photography and events industry.

Some of our services include:

  • Basic carpentry and fine woodworking
  • CNC cutting/fabrication
  • Metal fabrication/welding
  • Laminating
  • Acrylic fabrication
  • Basic paint finishing
  • Wood finishing
  • Faux finishing / scenic finishing
  • Spray finishing
  • Specialized assemblies
  • Fabric stretching, form padding and tufting
  • Custom lighting
  • Tile application
  • Wallpaper
  • Delivery, on-site assembly, and removal